Our mission is to free up your time through the use of self-organising technology. On our site, you can learn all about next generation automation of enterprise IT, shows you the potential of our data platform, and gets you right into the heart of our community and marketplace for knowledge workers.

We believe people should have more time

We develop systems to achieve our goal of self-organizing tech. We focus deploying our technology to the corporate world, because we feel that corporate tech has fallen behind compared to the way consumers use technology today – so we want to give people back their time.

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Enterprise IT, the next step

We are making disruptive technologies accessible to enterprise IT. Our products are built on machine learning and data analysis. Our flagship product AutoPilot enables automating operations of the entire IT stack including knowledge retention when outsourcing, offshoring or simply when making better use of your smart people.

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Learn about an excellent team – the aragons – and our unique culture

We are pushing the boundaries in an ever-changing IT world, creating tomorrow’s technology and developing the next generation automation solutions for enterprise IT. Our extraordinary culture enables a great team – the aragons – to walk the narrow path between enterprise IT and high-tech.

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20 years top-notch high tech

From the very first second of our founding, we turned our attention to deliver the best technology available. More than 100 passionate aragons are working on our vision to develop enterprise IT that revolutionizes the way people work and live.

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With the vision to make disruptive technologies accessible for everyone and to give people back their time, we are delivering top-notch technologies for every industry.