arago’s Vision

arago’s aim is to provide the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to enterprise customers globally through Knowledge Automation.

It is our principal belief that the ultimate value of AI is to collaborate with people to automate the urgent but low value routine tasks and free up time to focus on more rewarding and challenging innovation work. Leading to a greater sense of worth for the individual and true value creation for employers. 

It is also our belief that the benefits of AI are not obtained by replacing human workers but by increasing their potential, which is the essence of Knowledge Automation.

Our Journey

From an investment in over 10 years of research into General AI, arago launched the first version of Knowledge Automation in 2010 for its internal IT Operations. Having overcome the limitations of Expert Systems and other rules based scripting engines, our Frankfurt based research and product teams then launched the first commercial version in 2013 for IT Operations. 

Following an investment from KKR in 2014, development of HIRO was accelerated and Knowledge Automation support was extended across all processes and industries as a SaaS product. With the addition of industry standard APIs and developer tools, Knowledge Automation and the core AI engine are now available as a platform for developers and partners to develop entirely new knowledge based businesses.

The Driving Vision behind arago: Hans-Christian Boos

Chris Boos has a mission: empowering human potential, freeing up time for creativity and innovative thinking through artificial intelligence (AI). To that end, Chris founded arago in Germany in 1995, pushing existing boundaries in AI technology to build a general AI. Since then, Chris has led arago to become a key partner and driver for the established economy, positioning arago’s AI HIRO™ as a platform for companies to reinvent their business models in the digital age. 

But his ambitions go far beyond: a strong believer in integrating machine reasoning and machine learning, Chris is constantly challenging current thinking on AI. As a strategic corporate and political advisor, as well as angel investor, Chris’ multifaceted engagement for AI makes him a much respected public speaker and thought-leader on issues of global importance, such as the man-machine-relationship, the way societies deal with information and the future of labor.

Chris Boos studied computer science at ETH Zurich and the Technical University Darmstadt. His ongoing research focuses on graph theory, machine reasoning and machine learning. He currently sits on the Boards of several companies and he is a member of the DigitalRat, advising the German Chancellor on digital policy and AI.

Hans-Christian Boos

Leadership team

Career Opportunities

We’re looking for gifted, creative and technical individuals to join us. If you are passionate about helping enterprises to benefit from industry leading AI and Knowledge Automation and have relevant experience then introduce yourself to us at


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