Arago Shortlisted for the AIconics Awards at AI Summit San Francisco

Arago CEO Chris Boos announces: “We are honored for the recognition from AI Summit where practical implications of AI for corporate organizations is explored.”

Frankfurt / New York / London / 25 September, 2017 – Arago, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) and leader in intelligent automation based in Frankfurt and New York City, has been shortlisted for “Best Innovation in RPA” at the AIconics awards, the world’s only independently judged awards celebrating Artificial Intelligence for Business, which are being announced at The AI Summit San Francisco.

Following the significant advances made in recent AI technologies and applications in 2017, the AIconics awards was at its most competitive, with over 300 entries across 10 award categories.

The recognition comes on the heels of Arago’s 10/10 score (the highest rating for “Product Attributes” and “Impact for Customers”) in the Frost & Sullivan 2017 European Semantic Intelligence New Product Innovation Award. Arago’s CEO Chris Boos credits the recognition to the ability of HIRO™ – Arago’s general AI platform that can autonomously run IT and business processes within an organization – to contribute to reducing operational costs while freeing resources within organizations.

“We are honored for the recognition from AI Summit where practical implications of AI for corporate organizations is explored,” said Arago’s CEO Chris Boos. “Businesses that will thrive in the future see AI-based business process automation as an area where strong competitive advantage means make or break, and this award shows Arago’s commitment to delivering that advantage.”

HIRO™ is a complete general AI platform for the enterprise. It is based on machine reasoning optimized by machine learning. HIRO™ is designed to solve ambiguous and complex tasks with minimal training, time, and small data sets. HIRO™ has already been deployed across many sectors, and is empowering financial companies, manufacturers and retailers, utilities and telecoms, and IT service providers.

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Arago is a leading artificial intelligence company that helps businesses automate their processes through intelligent automation. Its AI platform HIRO™ uses reasoning and a knowledge-based problem-solving engine to deliver cutting-edge enterprise automation solutions to clients worldwide. Founded by renowned computer scientist Chris Boos, based in Frankfurt (GER), New York City (USA), Redwood City (USA), Exeter (UK) and Bangalore (INDIA), Arago is powering decision making for industry leading companies. Since 2014 leading global investment firm KKR has supported Arago’s international expansion.

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