How to become an Arago Partner

Getting Acquainted

Getting Acquainted

To ease into the discussions, we, the Alliances and Partnership Team, would like to get to know you and your business better, and introduce Arago, the HIRO™ platform, and the Alliances and Partnership Program in-depth. In short, with this step, we set the ground stone for a valuable and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Business Potential Analysis

Business Potential Analysis

Let us discover our joint business potential. At this stage, we discuss your current business situation and company profile. We take a closer look at the pain points/challenges you are facing, as well as currently (a) available resources, (b) applied methods, (c) and active strategies. This analysis helps us to pin-point where and how our businesses can complement one another strategically on a joint business venture.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Go-to-market Strategy

As a result of step 2, we determine which partnership level is the most suitable for our joint endeavor. Furthermore, we examine and discuss best practice options to apply HIRO™, in order to promote the quality of your product/services, and reduce costs for your enterprise and/or your customers.

Business Plan

Joint Business Plan

Based on the previously developed Go-To-Market Strategy, we develop and finalize our Joint Business Plan by deciding on what kind of HIRO™ license and Arago services you require to promote your competitive advantage and innovative power. Consequently, the Joint Business Plan is the basis for our partner contract. And by the end of this step, we conclude our contract negotiations and have determined a clear course of action.

Closing Enablement

Closing & Enablement

Taking the finalized partner contract, which was negotiated and settled in the previous step, this final step entails signing the contract, training your core project team at the Arago Academy and taking off on our Joint Business Venture.

Interested in becoming an ARAGO Partner?