Choice Worx AI

Automating automation software: Using Knowledge Automation to reduce operating costs and scale RPA

ChoiceWORX™ is a startup focused on support and troubleshooting of Desktop Applications for Enterprise customers. ChoiceWorx chose HIRO and Knnowledge Automation to power its core product suite (Robotinuum- RPA, Opstinuum – Infrastructure and Apptinuum – Device Management) and bring Intelligent Automation to the desktop. 

Challenge: RPA bots have brought much needed automation to highly repetitive tasks but are relatively sensitive to changes in environment or input such as changes to interface, network or wifi issues, application changes etc. A relatively small sized implementation of RPA requires a team to support the bots and supervise their operations. This team must then be scaled along with RPA scaling as it can be difficult and time consuming to determine and then remediate the root cause of failure for each bot. For industries that have deployed several hundred RPA bots running in parallel, this has become a key pain point and limit to RPA scalability.

ChoiceWORX selected HIRO to automate the management and exception handling of RPA automation Bots. The Robotinuum client is installed on the end user desktop and integrates with either UiPath or AutomationAnywhere RPA desktop software. Robotinuum then monitors, discovers and fixes Bot failures automatically using HIRO’s Knowledge Automation server software and is currently being implemented at several Fortune 100 companies in the US.