Full Autonomy and a Consolidated Data Pool Drives General Artificial Intelligence Inside Your Organization 

Get the Right Equipment for Your Data and Analytics Strategy

Featuring Gartner Research: “The Fundamentals of AI Success for Data and Analytics Leaders”

The development around artificial intelligence (AI) is often misinterpreted at reproducing human-like intelligence. Some researchers may have this goal, but they are the exception, not the norm. This misconception has most likely derived from the explanations around AI which often uses human brains as metaphors and examples. Today, AI is still a craft. Meaning most platforms – if not specialized – will require training, data sets, semantics or similar foundations to run. This setup process is often more of a craft than science, because the underlying systems are so highly dynamic that only experience teaches us how to parametrize them to achieve results.

Read this report to learn about:
   •  The Meaning of General Artificial Intelligence
   •  The Fundamentals of AI Success
   •  AI and the Future of Business

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