HIRO™ for SAP® Operations

With HIRO™ for SAP Operations customers can now build their digital workforce to manage their SAP environments and free up experts from maintenance tasks to focus on business transformation.

HIRO™ provides AI-based automation based on a semantic reasoning approach with proven high automation rates and traceable decisions and actions. It adds standard plug-and-play connectivity to SAP® Solution Manager 7.2 and also includes many predefined reusable scenarios to autonomously operate SAP® environments to the Arago HIRO™ platform. Based on a unique hybrid algorithm using Machine Reasoning as well as Machine Learning all operational tasks can be processed as if a human expert would take care of the many variations of operational situations. This enables customers to “outsource” 1st and 2nd level support as well as business process management tasks to the machine and free up experts from routine support and operations tasks while retaining their knowledge in a human-readable format.
The solution proactively realizes the authentication, validation, execution and resolution of incidents and user service requests across the SAP® stack, from infrastructure to application.


  • Incidents and alerts
  • System tickets and human tickets
  • Fully automated guided procedures
  • Complex not predefined resolutions (e.g. for IDOC management)
  • Transition to operations
  • Process Requests
  • Other 1st level and 2nd level support requests

SAP® Solution Manager


  • enables communication between HIRO™ and SAP® systems through SAP® Solution Manager
  • provides an easy-to-deploy solution to enable Arago’s customers to connect their IT service management processes with HIRO™
  • supports versions > 7.2 of SAP® NetWeaver
  • supports https protocol and X.509 certificated-based authentication towards Solution Manager



  • can be used for Incident and Service Request processes
  • is configurable for most of the features
  • the connector listens to Incidents and Service Requests from SAP® Solution Manager (7.2 needed) and HIRO™ and writes back the automation status and comments from HIRO™ to SAP® Solution Manager



  • the connector offers a SOAP API for SAP® Solution Manager to send requests
  • the connector listens to Incidents and Service Requests pushed from SAP® Solution Manager via External Service Desk integration
  • the connector keeps track of changes on HIRO™. If any change is detected, it updates SAP® Solution Manager
  • the connector keeps track of the last successful update to SAP® Solution Manager: in case of any loss of data due to network error or any physical incident, the connector can be configured to reset itself to the last known working state



  • HIRO™ understands Arago’s "Standard Data Format" (SDF) and provides a large list of attributes that cover almost all ITSM tools
  • the connector transforms data from SDF to format supported by SAP® Solution Manager External Service Desk API and vice versa using a configurable mapping scheme
  • customers can provide their own mapping logic for data transformation and can decide how the data should be mapped
  • customer uses the default mapping logic design, based on expert views

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