Introducing HIRO™

HIRO™ is an innovative technology developed by Arago for general problem-solving using artificial intelligence and automation of company processes. Extensive testing of HIRO™ started during development, under real conditions, integrated in commercial applications and with a strong focus on business and IT optimization. The result is an AI platform that enables companies in a very wide range of industries to save maximum time and resources.

Process optimization and automation are the guarantees of future success. This makes Arago the perfect business partner when you want to make your company successful and boost your competitive advantage in a highly targeted manner. Together with trained partners, Arago offers an “80:80:80” guarantee while meeting the latest compliance and security regulations: 80% automation within 80 days, with trained specialists available to you at any time on at least 80 days.

Benefits of HIRO™

  • Reduction of time and energy expenditure
  • Higher efficiency and lower costs
  • Automatic resolution of security issues
  • Autonomous and independent IT process control
  • Automation of maintenance and administration processes
  • Flexible use in widely varying IT functions
  • More flexibility and speed
  • Analysis of semantic data and presentation of dynamic problem solutions
  • Higher system stability and optimized security standards