HIRO™ is a general problem-solving artificial intelligence technology developed by Arago and thoroughly tested in real commercial applications with a strong focus on business and IT optimization.

„HIRO™ SaaS“ is a cloud solution that provides the power of the HIRO™ AI solution to our B2B customers without the need to install the software on premise. It integrates into the customers IT environment over standard APIs.

With the support of HIRO™, it is possible to manage business and IT processes of companies from every industry sector with significantly less headcount.  Let’s explore together where we can maximize your potential with HIRO™.

However, HIRO™’s capabilities are more far-reaching as the technology can be universally applied to automate any defined process.

For example, HIRO™ can manage processes such as IT infrastructure, software, applications, services, business processes, workflows, transactions and more. The Knowledge and Information HIRO™ uses to solve complex tasks is storable and re-usable in different environments. This gives you a maximum of performance and resilience.  HIRO™ is the underlying technology that makes your enterprise AI ready.

Your benefits



HIRO™ increases the agility of your business by automating processes.This sets time and resources free for your employees to act rather than react. For example, IT tasks are executed 23 times faster and new technology can be integrated with 80% less time consumption.


Cost Optimization

HIRO™ decreases operational cost and allows budget shifts to other projects.This is possible through process automation across the entire company, starting at the IT stack, where all your data passes through, with an average automation rate of 87%. The efficiency of our IT staff alone can be increased by 50% on average. Imagine what you could do with your resources if anything that is a process in your company was run by an AI.


Knowledge Retention

HIRO™ converts your expert‘s and service provider‘s knowledge into a reusable asset, which will retain in your company. 80% of developed knowledge is reusable within an organization, even in different environments. The data can be used to expedite and improve business processes, using analytic tools.


System Security

HIRO™ mitigates risks by applying complex decisions and solving security tasks, stable and precise. Our AI will never be sick or leave your company surprisingly.

Outage Prevention

HIRO™ works on redundant systems, is available 24/7 and works independently to guarantee outage prevention. Your employees can use their time in a more creative and innovative way optimizing your enterprise for the future.

Only Arago offers a general approach where the AI increasingly learns more about the environment it works in. There are many uses cases for HIRO™. You might be surprised which industries already use our AI engine to boost the performance of their business and IT processes:

IT Service Providers 
use HIRO™ to provide applications, business process outsourcing or infrastructure services in order to disrupt their classical delivery model and to lower cost of transaction.

Utilities & Telecoms
use HIRO™ to automate existing processes as well as to increase service potentials and apply the continuous learning engine to address future challenges.

Financial Services
use HIRO™ to reduce the risk of losing data and IT knowledge by automating processes intelligently and opening room for new talent to build on existing organizational knowledge.

Manufacturers & Retailers
use HIRO™ to free up resources to face ever-growing work-loads and shrinking talent pools. With HIRO™, they drive digitalization and manage IoT.

use HIRO™ to specifically gain better income in order to automate agricultural processes while monitoring and facing resources exactly on its needs.


All layers of any institution are affected. You have to think bottom up, top down and horizontally. In many cases, AI starts in IT. This may seem “boring”, but it is the place where all your data passes through. Teach your goals and institution itself to an AI and allow it to take over process by process, bottom to top: Infrastructure, Services, Processes, and Strategy. This will boost your efficiency, reduce cost, and give you time and funds to rethink your business model.


To find out where you can benefit from HIRO™, ask yourself these three questions:

In what area do you find many
employees doing the same repetitive, high-volume tasks?

In what area are you missing resources, e.g. knowledge capacities to reach maximum output?

What processes have shortcomings/ are inadequate? Where do you locate potential for process optimization?


Here are some use cases to give you a more vivid picture.

HIRO™ Solutions

HIRO™ is available for many different businesses and can be implemented in only few steps.

HIRO™ Technology

With HIRO™ comes many different opportunities for experts to increase the efficiency in working with the AI.

HIRO™ features

Learn more about HIRO™, get certified trainings on Arago’s AI or explore the HIRO™ Community.

HIRO™ Connect

HIRO™ can be seamlessly and securely integrated into any cloud of physical environment.