HIRO™ is a general problem-solving artificial intelligence technology developed by Arago’s research & development team and thoroughly tested in real commercial applications with a strong focus on IT operations. Our customers deploy HIRO™ with the goal to optimize and autonomously run their IT operations and other areas of business. However, HIRO’s capabilities are more far-reaching as the technology can be universally applied to automate any defined process. These for example can be broken down to areas such as IT infrastructure, software, applications and services, business processes and workflows, transactions and more. Eventually, HIRO™ is the underlying technology that makes your enterprise AI ready.

The core benefits of HIRO™ for your enterprise

HIRO™ Artificial Intelligence for enterprice


How HIRO™ operates

As the brain behind your organization the HIRO™ platform combines three major abilities:

Learning: HIRO™ learns best practices directly from experts through our knowledge creation & management platforms.

Understanding: HIRO™ operates on a semantic data map which is based on the data companies generate. The semantics on the data map allow the machine to understand the environment it operates in.

Solving: HIRO™ excels even in ambiguous and changing environments due to its unique problem-solving capabilities that are based on machine reasoning and optimized by machine learning.


How can I get HIRO?

We offer a trial license of HIRO™ for intelligent IT automation. Our Basic Edition is available for free:


Still not enough?

For further information, please contact our sales team.