Process optimization and automation is a key factor for successful businesses today. With HIRO™, an enterprise can not only autonomously run its processes more efficiently and cost-effectively but simultaneously lay the foundation for its journey to the AI-enabled enterprise.

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HIRO™ is the partner of choice if you want to automate your IT operations with cutting-edge AI technology. Core arguments for using HIRO™ to leverage the potential of problem-solving AI in IT operations:

  • AI increases the agility of your corporate IT. IT tasks are executed 23 times faster and new technology can be integrated with 80% less time.
  • AI decreases operational cost and allows budget shift to change and innovation. It is possible even today to automate processes across the entire IT stack by an average of 87%. This also increases the efficiency of IT staff by 50% on average.
  • AI converts your expert‘s and your service provider‘s knowledge into a reusable asset. 80% of developed knowledge is reusable within an organization in different environments. In our HIRO™ Community, there are assets available made by different professionals and proved by experts.
  • AI wins the war for talent by identifying, motivating and multiplying the scarce experts in your organization. 73% of all IT experts want to use intelligent automation. Most important for top IT experts is appreciation which they can receive in the HIRO™ Community.


Embark on the AI-enablement journey

Set up HIRO™ in your IT environment first:

  • IT is the core of any company where all relevant information pass through.
  • IT generates a continuous data set as statistical foundation for semantic mapping.
  • Over time derive any learning about your organization and market from your IT data.
  • Benefit from the efficiency and optimization effects HIRO™ has on your corporate IT.


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