HIRO™ is a complete general AI platform, which is able to autonomously run any kind of business and IT process more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We deliver you a tailor-made solution to solve ambiguous and complex tasks with minimal training, time, and small data sets. While embedding HIRO’s AI technology into your daily existing processes, it becomes the brain behind the entire enterprise operation.

To give you the best possible starting conditions, we are introducing HIRO™ Solutions.

These predesigned offerings are made to simplify the implementation of HIRO™ while increasing the performance and automation rate of HIRO™ working in your company. With our Solutions, you will save time and resources. The faster HIRO™ is up and running, the faster you will benefit from its autonomous AI engine.


HIRO™ for Business

We’ve seen that there’s automation potential in nearly every business sector and we especially designed HIRO™ to be suitable for a broad use case. For example HIRO™ can be used to run mortgage processing, insurance fraud prevention, or insurance claims processing.


Reduce the time and energy spent on traditional finance tasks such as transaction processing/audit and compliance with HIRO™. This will free your finance professionals up for more strategic work and save you time and money. HIRO™ autonomously solves tasks like Financial Reconciliation, Process Mortgage Processing, and Fraud Detection/ Prevention in its own, unerring way. With its power, you can meet the demands of today’s financial markets with less manpower and be a more strategic business partner.

Insurance/Health Care

In these highly regulated industries, HIRO™ finds a lot of automation potential. HIRO™ helps to increase the flexibility and speed of Compliance, as regulations and their interpretation change: HIRO™ semantically analyzes data and offers dynamic problem-solving techniques. Insurance Claims Processing mostly doesn’t need human intervention at all. HIRO™ can also help to prevent Insurance Fraud and leverage better data for deeper insights into the customers behavior. AI will not only increase efficiency and reduce cost, but also free resources for customer relationship management. Other tasks solved by HIRO™ are Billing and Invoicing.

HR Onboarding

HIRO™ is your partner to optimize your HR Onboarding Process and help you to find the ideal candidate. By automating repetitive tasks, such as filtering in-bound job applications by specific assessment criterion, HIRO™ gives your employees time for higher-level activities. These could be: Improving the company’s employer brand, creating programs to retain the most qualified people or having more conversations with applicants and building long-term applicant relationships.

Furthermore, HIRO™ treats every application unbiased and impartial. HIRO™ performs tasks such as Customer Relationship Management, Order Handling, User Account Management, and User Role Based Access Management.


Nowadays a company’s digital infrastructure expands beyond heterogeneous devices that sometimes travel outside of the company’s network. This makes End Point management complex and challenging.

Benefit from the never-tiring accuracy of HIRO™ autonomously performing Security End Point Management Integration and Remediation.


HIRO™ for IT Operations

HIRO™ achieves an automation rate of 87% across the entire IT stack. This increases the agility of your corporate IT making it 23 times faster while decreasing the operational cost by 50%. Our AI engine HIRO™ can be used for many different use cases such as incident management, root cause analysis, or user account management.

HIRO™ for Compute Infrastructure Operations

HIRO™ for Compute Infrastructure Operations can easily be deployed in varying use cases. The solution autonomously runs IT infrastructure management processes within the data center's compute infrastructure, networks, middleware, platform, and application layer. Use cases could be:

  • Incident management
  • Proactive triage
  • Root cause analysis
  • Change and configuration management
  • Capacity management
  • Performance management

HIRO™ for Service Desk Operations

The HIRO™ AI Platform for Service Desk Operations autonomously runs Service Request Management processes across the entire enterprise IT landscape. This maximizes cost-efficiency and operational effectiveness of customer-facing service-desks. The solution proactively realizes the authentication, validation, and execution of user service requests, such as:

  • Password reset
  • User account management
  • Mailbox provisioning
  • Application access administration
  • Software provisioning

HIRO™ for Security and Compliance Operations

HIRO™ for Security and Compliance Operations reduces manual effort in security incident and event management while improving cost efficiency and reducing the risk of human error to a minimum. The solution can be applied to a set of use cases:

  • Security incident and event management
  • Management of security alerts
  • Automatic remediation of security issues in near time
  • Security policy enforcement and security audit trail
  • Root cause analytics

HIRO™ for Application Support

The HIRO™ solution for Application Support automates maintenance and administration processes, thereby maximizing cost-efficiency and operational effectiveness. The solution runs application support processes autonomously across the entire application lifecycle:

  • Application health check
  • Application performance diagnostics
  • Incident remediation
  • Database administration
  • Security compliance audit
  • Software provisioning
  • SSL certification provisioning


With HIRO™ for SAP® Operations customers can now build their digital workforce to manage their SAP® environments and free up experts from maintenance tasks to focus on business transformation.

The solution proactively realizes the authentication, validation, execution and resolution of incidents and user service requests across the SAP® stack, from infrastructure to application. HIRO™ for SAP Operations covers:

  • Incidents and alerts
  • System tickets and human tickets
  • Fully automated guided procedures
  • Complex not predefined resolutions (e.g. for IDOC management)
  • Transition to operations
  • Process Requests
  • Other 1st level and 2nd level support requests


How do I get HIRO™?

Process optimization and automation is the goal for the success of every business today. Arago is the partner of choice if you also want to run your business successfully and be more competitive to your competitors. Arago and trained partners offer the “80:80:80”-Guarantee while following the latest compliance and security guidelines.


  • 80% automation rate with
  • 80 days of manpower within
  • 80 days or less in accordance to the defined scope

Arago guides businesses to implement HIRO™ in only four steps



For preparing the implementation, our consulting team analyzes the requirements and potentials for our customers and defines specifications for the implementation. Our team works in close coordination with every team that is included in workflows and processes to be automated.



As the result of step 1, our experts create a tailor-made concept including all necessary elements for the installation and the launch of HIRO. This includes a description of all workflows and processes being automated and all knowledge that has to be learned to HIRO. The concept also shows the potential created through automation for the company.


Installation & Integration

After successful testing of the customized AI in a secure development area, HIRO™ will be implemented in the IT environment of our customer. Using elaborated and proven methods, we can assure our customers an excellent time-to-value rate for the implementation and also for the amortization of the invest.


Active optimization

The process of implementation ends when HIRO™ starts its productive work by automating processes and workflows. With all new processes taught to HIRO™, the amount of reusable knowledge and in this way the level of knowledge retention will increase. This has great influence on the efficiency of the AI.

Want to start your tailor-made Ai journey?

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HIRO™ is a general problem-solving artificial intelligence technology developed by Arago.

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