HIRO™ Community and HIRO™ Portal – Learning

HIRO™ learns through Knowledge Items (KI). KIs are atomic pieces of contextual information that store the experiences and best practices of experts. KIs feed HIRO™ with needed data to solve problems and enable the AI to combine KIs into different solutions. The number of possible permutations grows exponentially with added knowledge. Knowledge is 80% reused within organizations and 33% across organizations. Arago’s HIRO™ Community also provides a public library of thousands of KIs and KI bundles to kick-start a customer deployment. Furthermore, HIRO™ portal allows managers to analyze and improve their experts’ teaching verticals.

HIRO™ Knowledge Core – Understanding

A powerful semantic graph is at the core of the HIRO™ platform. HIRO™ Knowledge Core gives the power of a data pool, normally only available to internet giants, to established companies while fully retaining control, ownership and security of their data. While automating processes, the HIRO™ Knowledge Core builds an accessible semantic map of your organization’s data. This data map is organized semantically to allow understanding of the environment HIRO™ is working in. It serves as the foundation for the AI enablement of enterprises.

HIRO™ Engine – Solving

Arago‘s algorithms enable the HIRO™ engine to perform dynamic reasoning to solve ambiguous and complex problems. This enables companies to become more agile as HIRO™ can quickly and seamlessly adapt to changes and system updates. Machine learning amplifies HIRO™ engine as it continuously optimizes performances.