There are many so-called narrow AIs for specific tasks available on the market today. But only Arago’s AI offers a general approach where AI increasingly learns more about the environment while combining machine reasoning and machine learning. That’s what distinguishes us from our competitors on the market.

Arago‘s algorithms enable the HIRO™ engine to perform dynamic reasoning to solve ambiguous and complex problems. This enables companies to become more agile as HIRO™ can quickly and seamlessly adapt to changes and system updates.

HIRO’s AI combines three major human abilities that enable enterprises to tackle IT and business process challenges.

HIRO™ Technology


Usually, a general AI learns through patterns, which takes significantly more time to be able to use in a business environment. HIRO™ learns from real experience while using Knowledge exponentially taught by experts. See how it works:

The system learns through Knowledge Items

Knowledge Items (KIs) are atomic pieces of information, representing individual steps of a process including the question what, when, where, and why of each step. They perform activities such as acquiring information, analyzing information, making a decision about how to proceed, and performing actions to carry out a task.

How does our technology change the way the IT department works?

You already know how HIRO™ learns. Discover now how the acquired knowledge is used to grow solutions exponentially:


Exponential Teaching

Exponential Teaching offers a ground-breaking method to make the most of the knowledge HIRO™ has previously gathered and the knowledge it gathers in your business. KIs are not only stored for later use – they can also be recombined. From the number of KIs stored the number of solutions scales exponentially, creating a vast amount of solutions.

HIRO™ solves problems autonomously and can work dynamically in ever-changing surroundings.

While the KI pool grows approximately linear, the recombined solutions grow exponentially. The recombination of KIs generates new solutions. This means that with a comparably small amount of KIs, HIRO™ can solve an exponentially large quantity of issues. Follow the rules of Exponential Teaching and maximize your potential:

Rules of Exponential Teaching

  • Write KIs incrementally, atomic and reusable.
  • Use Task to Knowledge to organize your knowledge.
  • Separate decisions from actions.
  • Use as many existing KIs and variables as possible.
  • Avoid chaining of KIs, use minimal binding and trigger conditions.
  • Store output properly and ensure good error handling.


While automating processes, the HIRO™ Knowledge Core builds an accessible semantic map of your organization’s data. This map allows understanding the environment HIRO™ is operating in. The Knowledge Core is the place where KIs are stored and where connections between them are made via logical inference.

This example shows how a semantic graph, the leading-edge technology in database and knowledge-management, organizes and stores knowledge.

HIRO™ names and defines types, properties, and relationships of entities, creating a semantic graph of your enterprises data: The Knowledge Core.

Big players and internet giants use semantic graphs to profit from the valuable data their companies provide. With a semantic graph, you can not only store and access data, but you can also profit from it.


HIRO™ is able to solve problems on its own by combining previously learned particular steps. In doing so, basically two methods are used:

Machine Learning Reasoning HIRO™

IT work life basically is a real routine consisting of completing repetitive tasks. When a ticket comes in regarding a Webserver not responding, the IT Manager has to single-handedly solve the problem. HIRO™ recombines the information (KIs), enabling the engine to solve tasks on its own.

Teaching HIRO™ with the information (KIs) enables the engine to solve tasks on its own. The next time the webserver is down, the ticket comes in and HIRO™ can eliminate an unnecessary loop in order to be more efficient.

HIRO™ – 10


You have seen how HIRO™ learns, understands and solves. With HIRO™, it is possible to manage IT environments of big companies with only three people. But see for yourself. Here is live data from HIRO™ working autonomously:

Minutes running


This data is live. The data collection started 01/01/2017 at 00:00:01 AM.


HIRO™ Technology

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HIRO™ is a general problem-solving artificial intelligence technology developed by Arago.

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