Advanced AI powering digital transformations across industries and lines of business

Based on agile automation methodology, our solutions deliver up to 90% automation by capturing knowledge of the subject matter experts

From real time resolution of IT tickets to proactive inventory alerts, HIRO can handle wide range of tasks with its versatile design.


Minimize resolution time by automating level 1 & level 2 support tasks in IT Service Management (ITSM)



Increase supply chain responsiveness by generating proactive alerts in end-to-end Supply Chain



Transform finance department by automating the knowledge through entire value chain – from accountants to value managers



Automates daily manual tasks of HR manager while easily accommodating changes in policies


Agile Automation Methodology

The agile automation methodology comprises of five phases reducing implementation time to weeks by eliminating process discovery, analysis and re-engineering prior to automating. With Knowledge Automation the implementation phase is limited to integration and training with focus on obtaining immediate automation.


Phase 1: Project Kickoff
Implementation starts with project planning, team selection, role assignment and establishing steering committee.


Phase 2: Solution Design
Next phase involves designing the solution by identifying existing systems and data required to automate the selected business process.


Phase 3: Integration & Training
In this phase integration of existing system and project team training starts in parallel. The phase completes by transferring initial knowledge to HIRO.


Phase 4: Automation of initial tasks
Initial tasks are sent to HIRO for automation along with paired coaching.


Phase 5: Adding incremental knowledge
In final phase, the solution is scaled by adding new knowledge to HIRO, integrating new systems and on-boarding more employees as required.

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Knowledge Automation

90% end-to-end process automation enabled by AI

HIRO uses AI to automate a process autonomously based on knowledge provided by your employees

HIROTM is the first ever automation solution which uses Advanced AI to mimic the humans for learning and applying knowledge

Integrating HIROTM in the organization is just like onboarding a new hire.

Phase 1: On-Boarding
Similar to a new employee, HIRO gets access to the information systems

Phase 2: Learning
Experts start training HIRO (new hire) on the basics of the job

Phase 3: Solving Basic Tasks
HIRO starts exploring the environment and solving basic tasks with the guidance of experts

How Knowledge Automation Works

HIRO is sent tasks to do and an employee gives HIRO the knowledge to complete the task by teaching HIRO the required steps

As HIRO learns more knowledge, it is able to automate tasks by itself based on knowledge supplied by its teachers

Over time HIRO acquires enough knowledge to automate autonomously 90% of all end-to-end process tasks sent to it

Knowledge Automation Compared to Traditional Automation



Automation of end-to-end process and variations

Automation of small steps within an end-to-end process

No initial analysis required, automate process as-is, knowledge to complete task is broken down into “micro-scripts” representing a single step in the process

Extensive analysis required up front (including process mining) to define frequent and steps in a process that can be completed by a repetitive “bot” or script

HIRO’s AI is used to then figure out how to accomplish tasks by figuring out which steps to execute next based on current context and the task itself

Each variation in a process (or environment) requires a new bot as the automations cannot adapt to change limiting scalability and adding management complexity to maintain

As HIRO dynamically creates the automation using stored knowledge for each task using knowledge, it readily adapts to change, is highly scalable and requires minimal maintenance

Automations limited to high frequency and static process steps that require human supervision, limiting efficiencies

Achieves 90% end-to-end process automation

Can achieve 30% end-to-end process automation

Powered by Advanced AI, Knowledge Automation overcomes the inherent challenges of Traditional Automation. It is dynamic in nature and adapts to change in system, process and environment delivering 90% end-to-end automation. Traditional Automation, on the other hand, have been able to achieve maximum 30% automation owing to their static and context unaware design.

Other Advantages of HIRO

  • No black box – Automation is fully auditable

  • Works with existing data and systems, no need to secure large pools of structured data

  • Does not require a new model or data refresh for each new automation

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We Automate Knowledge

Accelerating Digital Transformation and enabling knowledge workers to achieve their potential


Why Knowledge Automation?

Highest automation - achieve 3X more automation than traditional automation

Quick implementation - start automating processes in weeks, not months

Low maintenance cost - uses minimal team and infrastructure resources to maintain and grow

Easy implementation – automating end-to-end processes within weeks

Identify initial processes to automate

Integrate with HIRO AI

Start automating with our Agile Automation approach

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Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

ISO 27001 (Information Security Standard)
ISO 27001 is recognized as the premier information security management system (ISMS) standard around the world. The standards also leverage the security best practices detailed in ISO 27002. To be worthy of your trust, we’re continually and comprehensively managing and improving our physical, technical, and legal controls at arago according to this standard. Arago is in the process of getting an ISO27001 certification for the operation of HIRO™ SaaS. The datacenters and services arago uses at AWS are, among other standards, certified based on ISO27001.

Trusted Cloud
The Trusted Cloud Seal is an assessment for cloud services initiated by the German government, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Apart from security and organizational issues, the label also assesses compliance with the data privacy regulations as required by GDPR/ DS-GVO.
arago holds a Trusted Cloud certification as of summer 2018.

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield
The EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield is a framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information transferred from the Euro-pean Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland to the United States. Adhering to the Privacy Shield Principles ensures that an U.S. organization provides adequate privacy protection under the EU data protection directive (GDPR). As arago is a European company, there is no need to follow these American standards. Much more important, as arago is headquartered in Germany, GDPR is a local law for us which means that our solution already includes a much higher standard of data privacy as implemented by the U.S. Privacy Shield.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, or GDPR, is a European Union regulation that marks a significant change to the existing framework for processing personal data of individuals in the EU. The GDPR introduced a series of new or enhanced requirements that will apply to companies which handle personal data. Arago is GDPR-compliant so that customers can use HIRO™ SaaS without risking compliance issues. When customers use HIRO™ SaaS to process personal data, arago will sign a data processing agreement as described in article 28 of GDPR with that customer. This also includes a list of the required technical and organizational measures (“TOMs”) which are in place to protect customer data. Arago has a data privacy officer who is responsible for managing privacy issues and review compliance on a regular basis. The data privacy officer and his contact details are also listed in the data privacy section of this webpage.

Certifications of AWS as our Datacenter and SaaS Provider
Our data center and service providers like Amazon Webservices (AWS) also undergo regular SOC 1, SOC 2, and/ or ISO 27001 audits to verify their security practices. At least annually, arago reviews the results of these audits or performs vendor security reviews if an audit report is not available as part of our information security management program. In the event these audits or reviews have material findings which we determine present risks to arago or our customers, we’ll work with the service provider to understand any potential impact to customer data and track remediation efforts until the is-sue has been resolved.

As one of our most important providers, AWS certifications can be viewed and downloaded here (AWS login required). For the generic list of certificates, refer here.

Independent Third party Security Audits
We have commissioned independent external auditors to regularly check our systems and controls for compliance with the world’s most important security standards and security best practices such as ISO 27001 and OWASP. These audits are carried out at least once a year by recognized auditing and security companies who conduct their audits independently and with the greatest care.

Internal and external Security Checks of the HIRO™ SaaS Service and Application
Our security department and product management regularly carry out automated and manual security tests in order to find and fix potential security weaknesses and errors in our HIRO™ application and SaaS service. We also work with external security experts, other industry security teams, and the research community in the area of data security.

Continual Improvement of Security (PDCA)
An important part of any information security management strategy is the continuous improvement of security programs, systems and controls. arago therefore always endeavors to obtain the opinion of the different teams in-house, its customers as well as internal and external auditors and to take the feedback gained into account when further developing its processes and controls.

Terms of use

Terms of Use

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Should you become aware of any infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights, we would be grateful if you could notify us.

Privacy and data protection
Please see our Privacy Policy disclosures relating to the collection and use of your information. The Privacy Policy is available here.


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