Welcome to Arago’s Alliances and Partnership Program

Welcome to the gateway to the most valuable and innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solution for your enterprise’s value chain. This partner platform in combination with HIRO™, Arago’s general problem-solving AI technology, provides you with intriguing as well as inspiring business development opportunities that will help you strengthen your competitive standing in this age of digital transformation.

To be precise, Arago's Alliances and Partnership Program corresponds to a network of partners whose products and/or services complement HIRO™. For example, as a Value-Added Reseller Partner, you are a software and services partner who works with us, and applies HIRO™ as well as your own skills and knowledge to deliver maximum value to your and our customers. Consequently, with the Arago Alliances and Partnership Program, we can jointly expand our range of services, as well as the range of strategic and international collaborations.

What we are aiming for

  • Let’s scale globally together and thereby attain greater profitability, a stronger competitive standing as well as long-term sustainability.
  • Let’s generate new sales and business potential, and enhance our innovative power exponentially.
  • Moreover, let’s make the most of HIRO’s potential to run any definable process autonomously, and build value by entering established, scaling existing, and creating new markets.
  • In short, let’s make use of business challenges to create new opportunities for business growth and process optimization.

Your Business Advantages of becoming an Arago Partner

Your Business Advantages of becoming an Arago Partner

  • Make yourself and/or your customers future-proof. Gain and provide access to AI solutions that are based on the unique qualities of our general AI HIRO™, and are tailored to your specific needs.
  • 24/7 Technical Support. Count on the support by Arago’s technical experts whenever need is dire.
  • Become your very own AI Expert. To facilitate the transformation into an AI-enabled enterprise, participate in our specialized trainings. Thus, assuring a rapid deployment and continued development support at your customers’ worksite. Read more
  • Become a member of the Arago Partner Ecosystem and enjoy being part of a vibrant innovation network in the field of Intelligent Process Automation, today.
  • Market Expertise. You can benefit from already existing solutions which translate into a rapid deployment of the HIRO™ engine within your enterprise or at your customers’ worksite.

Benefits you can offer your Clients - Thanks to HIRO™

  • Operational Efficiency. HIRO™ is the underlying technology that makes enterprises AI-ready and allows employees to delegate routine tasks to the HIRO™ engine, freeing them up for tasks that cannot be assigned to a machine.
  • The Creation, Sustainability, Distribution, and Utilization of Corporate Expert Knowledge. HIRO™ converts your expert‘s and service provider‘s knowledge into a reusable asset, which is retained within your company. Plus, 80% of developed knowledge is reusable within an enterprise in different environmental settings. Read more
  • Innovation Levels. Employees can use more of their time in a creative and innovative way. Giving room to out-of-the-box thinking and idea generation with the potential to optimize enterprises for future endeavours.
  • The Exploration of a New Business Model. Arago has not only developed a plan to enable established enterprises to become AI-ready, and to guide them on their tailor-made AI Journey. But also brought life to the Arago Academy where we enable our partners and clients to learn how to sell, use, and implement the HIRO™ engine in the most efficient way.

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