HIRO is a strategic choice that will allow us grow our service portfolio” - Dr. Berthold Kaib, Senior Vice President, Swisscom

Challenge: Swisscom is the leading residential and business telecommunications service provider in Switzerland. It also provides IT, online and consulting services to some of the world’s most demanding companies. As a front-runner in digital innovation, Swisscom partnered with Arago to lead automation initiatives in IT services and Enterprise Business. 

Primary requirement from Swisscom team was to have a solution which could be scaled to other business units with minimal additional investment

The primary aim is to improve customer service quality and enhancing the client experience.  

Solution:  The first step in Swisscom´s knowledge automation journey was in IT, specifically service management of network infrastructure. After initially taking a traditional implementation approach, team shifted to agile automation resulting in rapid scaling. The scope was broadened to handle incidents, problem and change management.  With IT integration and required security and operation approvals, HIRO was further scaled to more than 50 use cases. With further knowledge teaching sessions, HIRO is now able to automate 150+ additional tasks with only 8 additional Knowledge Items.

Impact:  Swisscom has managed to achieve an automation rate of upto 90% resulting in:
  • Process Optimization
    • Increased accuracy in ticket information input
    • Increase in First-Call resolution rate due to increased automation
  • People Impact
    • 90% automation of line 1 and line 2 service support tasks results in saving of +100,000-man hours yearly
    • Enabling highly qualified IT staff to cover more complex IT issues